The safe construction of high quality tanks is no accident at Preload

At Preload, our most valuable assets are our people; therefore safety is not just a word. Safety is our way of life. Our highly engaged workforce has embraced safety and made it our culture. It is the way we think, plan, and build tanks. At Preload, we believe zero injuries is an achievable goal. No one gets hurt, everyone goes home safe and healthy, and the job gets done with excellent quality, on schedule, and within budget.

Preload’s employees and our Loss Control Program have the unwavering support of our Management Team and extensive Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department that includes six full-time degreed EHS professionals (including three Certified Safety Professionals).

At Preload we don’t just talk about safety, we live it. Safety is our way of life.


Performance monitoring and measurement

Preload’s safety management system tracks leading safety performance indicators. This system allows Preload to measure:

  • Safety leadership,
  • Employee engagement in the safety process,
  • Safety of the work environment, and
  • Employee awareness training.

Preload’s safety management system goals and objectives strive for continuous safety improvements.


Empowering our team to work safely

All Preload employees are responsible for using their Stop Work Authority whenever they observe a circumstance that could lead to an unsafe environment or condition. With safe work in mind, employees preplan their daily tasks to ensure no one gets hurt.

Our team members receive extensive classroom and field training in the latest safety requirements, techniques, equipment, and methodologies. Our written Safety and Loss Control Program, coupled with our job-site planning, provides employees with specific guidelines to perform tasks safely and with high quality.

This comprehensive formula for safety success has resulted in a safer workforce that cultivates a more efficient, hazard free, work environment.