Project Details

  • Construction Date


  • Application

    LNG Storage

  • Capacity

    80,000 m3 (21.1 MG) (180.5’ ID x 115.9’ SWD)

  • Owner

    ENAGAS, S.A.

  • Consulting Engineer


Project Description

PRELOAD returned to the Barcelona ENAGAS Regasification Terminal in 1981 – a site where our prestressed concrete LNG storage tanks were previously installed in 1969. The project presented significant challenges, including adapting a new tank design to the operational requirements that needed to satisfy severe design and safety criteria of the existing plant.

PRELOAD worked with contractor Auxini as a joint venture to successfully meet this challenge. The group proposed a unique double-wall storage facility that incorporated several innovative features. These included a tank design with both primary and secondary walls made of prestressed concrete, an insulation deck suspended from the roof to form the ceiling of the inner tank, and a 24” diameter gas withdrawal line uniquely designed for the purpose of reducing boil-off. The tanks were also specified to withstand cold shock that can occur from LNG coming in contact with the tank’s outer surfaces, and thermal radiation flux caused by a fire lasting up to 5 hours.