Project Details

  • Construction Date


  • Application

    Water Storage

  • Capacity

    10.0MG (238’ ID x 30’ SWD)

  • Owner

    City of Dallas, Texas

  • Consulting Engineer

    JBI Partners

Project Description

The city of Dallas needed to expand their water storage system to accommodate growth and expansion. The city hired the consulting firm of JBI Partners (formerly known as Jones and Boyd). A site was chosen for the tank which was known as “Cowboy Hill” as it was the site of the original practice field for the Dallas Cowboys football team. After receiving bids for the project, Preload was chosen as the preferred tank builder for the D110 Type III Water Storage Tank. The architectural treatment on the exterior of the tank includes full height brick which was chosen by the architect to blend with the surrounding area which is located near many residential neighborhoods and is in a high visibility area.