Project Details

  • Construction Date


  • Application

    Water Storage

  • Capacity

    2.0MG (100’ ID x 34’ SWD)

  • Owner

    South Middleton Township Municipal Authority

  • Consulting Engineer

    Glace Associates, Inc., Camp Hill, PA

Project Description

South Middleton is a township in the southern part of Pennsylvania. Because of the community’s growing water needs, the South Middleton Township Municipal Authority hired the consulting engineering firm Glace Associates, Inc., Camp Hill, PA, to lead a water storage tank building project. After researching available alternatives, the firm specified an AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete tank because of its structural integrity, long-term durability, and low maintenance cost. Preload, which has designed and constructed prestressed concrete tanks since the 1930’s, was selected as the preferred tank builder.

Built in 2012, this 2.0 MG Preload storage tank is constructed with an inside diameter of 100’ and a 34’ side water depth. The tank features a caged exterior ladder and a durable dome roof that can withstand the heavy snow loads experienced in this part of the country.