Project Details

  • Construction Date


  • Application

    Water Storage

  • Capacity

    10.0MG (233’ ID x 31’ SWD)

  • Owner

    City of Tulsa

  • Consulting Engineer

    Benham Group

Project Description

As Tulsa has continued to grow, so has its demand for water. In 1997, the City of Tulsa hired the Benham Group consulting engineers to design and build a 10.0 MG water storage tank because of this steadily growing demand. The Benham Group chose Preload as the preferred firm to construct an AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete water storage tank because of its long-term durability and low cost of ownership.

This Preload tank has an inside diameter of 233’, a side water depth of 31’, and includes a flat-slab column-supported concrete roof. For form or function reasons, Preload’s prestressed concrete tanks sometimes are built with a reinforced concrete flat-slab roof. Such roofs are supported by circular columns, each with a footing sized for the allowable soil-bearing capacity.