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Superior Design & Construction

Public officials and industry leaders appreciate the lifetime of performance and economic benefits Preload tanks provide. Engineers know that specifying a wire-wound prestressed concrete tank will result in decades of trouble-free service. Preload’s superior design and construction is a discipline we’ve been perfecting since building the first-ever wire-wound, prestressed concrete tank.

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Why Prestressed Concrete?

Preload delivers the highest quality tanks at the lowest life cycle cost to maximize return on investment. The durability of concrete in compression eliminates the need for protective coatings, which normally require the coatings to be maintained over the tank’s life. This results in 30-40% savings during the first few years of tank service, increasing to over 100% savings during the 60-80 year tank life cycle. Contact Preload TODAY to obtain a life cycle cost analysis for your specific project.

Prestressed Concrete vs Other Tank Types

The low cost of maintenance of Preload prestressed concrete tanks makes them the logical choice for liquid storage.

Preload tanks do not require routine maintenance and repainting, virtually eliminating maintenance and facility downtime expenses. The initial cost difference between a Preload tank and other storage tanks is often less than the routine maintenance costs for other types of tank structures. When you consider routine maintenance over the life of other types of tank structures, the case for a Preload tank becomes indisputable.

Preload tanks offer customers generational performance with decades of low-maintenance and trouble-free service that results in enormous savings.
Contact Us for Life-cycle Cost Analysis for Your Specific Project.

Return On Investment

Preload prestressed concrete tanks not only provide high quality and durability, but they’re also the most cost-effective storage solution and a benefit to the local community.


Wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks incorporate nearly 100% sustainable natural & recycled materials. Concrete made from inert sand and gravel, rebar forged from recycled steel, and reuse of temporary building materials are just a few examples of Preload’s commitment to Sustainable construction practices. Prestressed concrete tanks do not require costly and environmentally harmful coatings, which plague welded and bolted steel tanks. Multiple blasting and coating cycles for steel tanks often create environmentally dangerous sites requiring costly remediation. Prestressed concrete tanks offer the most sustainable, environmentally responsible.

Community Economic Benefits

Prestressed concrete tanks are comprised of 70-80% locally sourced materials with the economic benefit of the Owner’s purchase and sales tax revenue staying in the community. Locally sourced materials and services include concrete, rebar, rental equipment, among others.

Further, Preload strives to hire from the local labor force by offering well paying, rewarding jobs with excellent benefits and training to community members. Even if a local employee chooses work for Preload on a single local project, Preload’s training provides skills which will benefit the individual for a life-time.

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