The Innovator in Prestressed Concrete Tanks Since 1930

Public utilities, private industries, and thousands of communities rely on Preload prestressed concrete tanks.

Public officials and industry leaders appreciate the lifetime of performance—and economic benefits—Preload tanks provide. Engineers know that specifying a wire-wound prestressed concrete tank will result in decades of trouble-free service. Preload’s superior design and construction is a discipline we’ve been perfecting since building the first ever wire-wound, prestressed concrete tank.


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As the inventor of wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks, Preload continues to lead the industry in design and construction innovation.

Preload prestressed concrete tanks are in use across many applications and industries throughout thousands of communities worldwide.

That’s why decision makers from municipalities and industries count on Preload for long-lasting storage solutions for water, wastewater, thermal energy and industrial applications.

Industry Leaders


Invest in Your Community

Preload prestressed concrete tanks not only provide high quality and durability, but they’re also the most cost-effective storage solution and a benefit to the local community.

Prestressed Concrete vs. Other Tank Types

The low cost of maintenance of Preload prestressed concrete tanks make them the logical choice for liquid storage.

  • Preload tanks do not require routine maintenance and repainting, virtually eliminating the expenses of maintenance and facility downtime.
  • The initial cost difference between a Preload tank and other types of storage tanks is often less than the routine maintenance costs for other types of tank structures. When you consider routine maintenance that will occur over the life of other types of tank structures, the case for a Preload tank becomes indisputable.

Community Economic Benefits

Preload tanks offer an immediate return on investment in your community.

  • Up to 70% of a tank’s construction cost for labor and materials is spent in the local community.

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