Customize Your Tank To Fit Your Needs

Selecting the right accessories to meet operational needs is one of the most crucial decisions made during the design process. We know Operators will be interfacing with Preload tanks for generations which is why we offer near unlimited options for accessories focused on safety, durability and operational efficiency.

Preload knows the safety of your employees is paramount and our tank accessories are designed to comply with the most current OSHA regulations and guidelines. Unless otherwise specified, all Preload tanks are designed with OSHA compliant ingress / egress, fall protection and enclosures around commonly accessed tank features.


Vents are the most crucial accessory of a tank, allowing the tank to equalize pressure during fill and draw cycles. Preload sizes each vent based on these operational parameters. We design the vents with security cages and frost-proof, anti-vacuum features depending on the application and location. Multiple material options are available.


Handrails that we install on tank roofs prevent falls. Preload designs these handrailsto be OSHA compliant and commonly fabricated of aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. We design our handrails to encompass the entire roof or isolate them to hatches and other commonly accessed locations on the roof.


We can install roof hatches of any size and material to provide access for personnel and equipment. Additionally, hatches affixed to a raised concrete curb prohibits surface water from entering the tank. Preload most commonly fabricated roof hatches from aluminum, fiberglass, and stainless steel.


Fall protection is essential to life safety. Therefore, Preload designed all of our tankswith fall protection for OSHA compliance. We can incorporate most types of fall protection systems on both interior and exterior ladders. We can install permanent safety lines and tie-off points per the owner’s requirements.


Manways provide access into the tank from ground level. Additionally, Preload can design the number, type, and manway size to the owner’s operational requirements. Manways are typically fabricated from stainless steel and can be circular or rectangular.


Preload can install penetrations (sleeves) embedded into the concrete dome or tankwall to accommodate any instrument needed for tank monitoring and control. Any size sleeve can be designed and fabricated from various materials such as PVC, stainless steel, and ductile iron.


Exterior ladders are commonly incorporated into the tank design to provide access to the tank roof and hatches. Interior ladders give access to the inside of the tank athatch locations and provide a means of permanent ingress for personnel working inside the tank.


We can install sample taps into the tank wall to provide water samples for testing oranalysis. These taps can also provide a location for chlorine injection or other disinfection products. We can also use some taps as level pressure sensors.


Preload can add platforms at the top or an intermediate level of the tank to access davits or other commonly used equipment. We can also install circumferential platforms around the tank to observe and access equipment for wastewater processtanks.


Preload may incorporate stairs into the tank design to provide access to the top of the tank or roof. We usually design and install stairs circumferentially and so that the tank wall supports them. We install intermediate platforms between landings per OSHA guidelines. Preload can fabricate stairs from aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.


Preload may incorporate lighting into the tank design for two primary purposes. Firstly, provide an illuminated aesthetic appeal. Secondly, to provide proper lightingduring ill-lit hours of the day. Light fixtures are available in multiple designs to give the best functionality for any project.


Preload can install pressure gauges and level indicators to any tank requested by the owner. These features provide valuable data for the client during and after the construction of the tank.


Preload can apply plaques to any tank to leave history readily available for all generations to enjoy. Plaquesadd a cheerful, rustic appeal to every project, which ultimately concludes the project.

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