Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Industries rely on Preload for safe prestressed concrete storage tank construction

Since 1930, industries have relied on Preload to safely construct high quality liquid storage tanks which exceed the stringent demands of the industrial environment. Preload has constructed wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks for some of the largest industries and engineering procurement construction (EPC) clients in the world including applications for process water storage and treatment, fire protection storage, and petroleum and crude storage.

Our expertise even extends to the design and construction of wire-wound prestressed concrete storage tanks for liquids stored at cryogenic temperatures well below minus-260 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whatever the difficulty level, Preload is prepared to design and safely construct a high quality liquid containment structure.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is crucial to the process and operation of most industrial facilities. However, Preload understands wastewater treatment is not the primary purpose of your facility which is why we offer the most durable, lowest-maintenance tanks available with the highest service reliability. Preload prestressed concrete tanks allow you to focus more on your plant operations and less on inspection, repair and maintenance of your wastewater treatment tanks.

Ever more stringent state and federal effluent discharge limits for pollutants and emerging contaminants often necessitate upgrades to existing treatment systems. Preload designs and constructs a wide range of wastewater treatment tank options which can accommodate any treatment process equipment to fit your needs. We offer aerobic / anaerobic digesters, clarifiers, SBR’s, storm water and influent equalization, sludge storage, package plants and oxidation tanks, just to name a few.


Over 80 years of reliable industrial storage for process and fire protection… and still going

As the pioneer of wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks, industries have relied on Preload for the safe construction of high quality prestressed concrete storage tanks for over 80 years. Preload has more tanks in successful use in industrial applications than any other prestressed concrete tank manufacturer. Our unique understanding of the stringent safety requirements of industrial sites is second to none. The number of tanks in use today in industrial applications is a testament to the long-term durability of tanks designed and constructed by Preload.

Industrial customers choose wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks for critical process and fire water applications because Preload tanks require zero downtime for maintenance over the life of the structure. Therefore, gaps in fire protection or processes are practically eliminated.


With the price of energy on the rise, the need for biofuel storage is ever increasing

Rising fuel costs and green energy initiatives have given rise to biofuel production such as ethanol to biodiesel. Advanced biofuels are increasingly generated from organic waste and agricultural by-products. Preload tanks are well suited for processing such feedstock with anaerobic / aerobic digesters which are uniquely suited to withstand internal design pressure and temperature differential. Flexibly of design allows Preload tanks to accommodate a wide range of standard or proprietary process equipment. The long-term durability of prestressed concrete provides superior, low-maintenance service with limited downtime.

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