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LNG & Cryogenic Liquid Storage

Preload leads in design and construction of LNG prestressed concrete tanks

Preload was the first company to introduce the design and construction of prestressed concrete tanks for the storage of liquid natural gas (LNG), in which the stored cryogenic product comes in direct contact with the concrete wall. Our engineers have spearheaded the formation of ACI Committee 376, “Design and Construction of Prestressed Concrete Tanks for the Containment of Refrigerated Liquefied Gases (RLG).” Preload tanks are also proven to be ideal for storage of other liquids at cryogenic temperatures such as ammonia, butane, propane, ethane, ethylene and propylene.

Preload prestressed tanks feature a versatile material with properties capable of providing safe solutions to cryogenic storage containers and protective systems. The use of prestressed concrete for low-temperature applications offers designers a wide variety of concept options.

Preload continues our rich history constructing single and full containment cryogenic liquid storage tanks through a Joint-Venture partnership known as Cashman-Preload Cryogenics (CPC). CPC has constructed multiple cryogenic tanks, through this partnership which combines Preload’s technical and tank engineering expertise with a largescale, well-established heavy contractor, Jay Cashman, Inc. Learn more about Preload’s legacy and current projects in cryogenic tank construction by clicking the CPC logo below.

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