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Preload's Concrete Decision Award

Louisville, KY, March 22, 2017 – PRELOAD LLC, the global leader in prestressed concrete tank design and construction, today announced the company’s inaugural Concrete Decision™ Award, a celebration of the communities and industries that are home to PRELOAD’s Top Tanks of 2016.

The Concrete Decision competition is an effort to bring positive attention to the important role that storage infrastructure improvement plays in communities, and the impact PRELOAD’s industry-leading prestressed tank design and construction team makes across the United States.

“We are proud to bring a spotlight to the communities that have been such great partners for PRELOAD,” said Ryan Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of PRELOAD. “Storage infrastructure projects have a major impact on the success and development of communities, and we are intrigued to see which of our 2016 tanks will prevail as the Concrete Decision 2016 Top Tank.”

The following communities and tanks are in the running for the 2016 Concrete Decision competition. To cast your vote, visit

  • Branson, MO – 1.0 MG Equalization Basin
  • Cinco Ranch, TX – (2) 1.0 MG Reclaimed Water Tanks
  • Gadsden, AL – 1.0 MG Finished Water Tank
  • Center Township, PA – 0.25 MG Waste Equalization Tank
  • Fort Worth, TX – 5.0 MG Finished Water Tank
  •  Grundy Co., TN – 1.0 MG Finished Water Tank
  • Oliver Springs, TN – 1.0 MG Equalization Basin
  • Van Buren, ME – 0.415 & 0.703 MG Finished Water Tanks
  • San Antonio, TX – 7.5 MG Clearwell
  • Kingfisher, OK – 0.5 MG Finished Water Tank
  • Edinburg, TX – 2.0 MG Finished Water Tank
  • Rio Rancho, NM – 2.0 MG Finished Water Tank
  • Kingsville, TX – 1.0 MG Finished Water Tank
  • Manchester, NH – (2) 6.5 MG Finished Water Tanks

PRELOAD will make a $3,000 donation on behalf of the winning tank and community to Water for People, an international not-for-profit that brings safe water to communities in nine countries. The winning tank and community will also have their tank featured on PRELOAD’s Website and be part of a custom commemorative vest patch worn by The Water Buffalos, a group that hosts a charitable motorcycle ride across the country that raises funds for various clean water projects and organizations.


PRELOAD is the global pioneer of wire-wound prestressed concrete storage tanks, with more than 3,700 tanks completed to date. Since our first wire-wound prestressed concrete tank was constructed in the 1940’s, we continue to be recognized as the innovator in our industry. PRELOAD serves clients across the United States with offices in Kentucky, New York, Texas and Massachusetts. For more information visit us at, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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