Project Overview

Trenton, NJ

Preload has unequaled experience in the design and construction of prestressed concrete tanks for a diverse range of applications. In 1988, consulting engineer Trigen Energy Corporation was contracted to provide a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank for the Trenton District Energy Company and the State of New Jersey. After careful consideration, Trigen specified an AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed tank for its superior structural characteristics, inherent thermal efficiency, and minimal requirement for maintenance. Preload was selected as the preferred tank builder for the project, and upon completion was awarded Honorable Mention for New Jersey’s Outstanding Concrete Projects of 1988.

Adjacent to the State office campus, the 2.68 MG TES tank continues to serve as an integral part of the central cooling plan on campus. The TES tank allows the campus to chill water at night when power rates are lowest, and store the thermal energy for use the next day, where the chilled water is used to provide air conditioning for the State offices. The column-supported flat roof was designed to serve as a dual purpose; it originally served as a helipad for the State helicopter.

Thermal Energy Storage
2.68 MG (135' ID x 25' SWD)
Trenton District Energy Company
Trigen Energy Corporation
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