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The Value of A Preloader

Goals and values unite our team

At Preload, we are one team working toward common goals. We represent ourselves through our SPIRIT values; Safety, Passion, Integrity, Reputation, Ingenuity, and Teamwork. A strong team consists of many valuable members, all of whom lead in unique ways. We use our fundamental SPIRIT principles as a guide for handling crucial decisions that come our way.

Organizations use values to identify what they stand for. At Preload, our work is to align with our SPIRIT values. When there’s alignment, employees value their work, achieving goals with excellence and passion.

Additionally, our SPIRIT values at Preload focus us on a shared goal. This shared understanding and purpose help our employees build excellent relationships, even outside the workplace. Our team is continuously solidifying a unified culture.

Every Individual Matters

Building prestressed concrete tanks is not possible without a contribution from every department of the company. We recognize that each department of Preload brings unmatched value. For example, the management team works diligently to serve our crews in the field, ensuring their safety. Our employees and their families are our most vital assets; putting them, and their safety first is our highest priority.

Additionally, our team’s diversity gives us a leading edge in the industry by offering unique and innovative ideas. All of Preload’s team members are leaders. Leading is not the idea of being above someone. It is not about giving orders up or down a chain. Instead, leaders take the initiative to serve well and finish the task at hand. Leaders produce hope and stability in the workforce.

Our SPIRIT values ensure that we build great relationships with our teammates, even outside the workplace. Preload is one team with a unified culture.



PRELOAD is the global pioneer of wire-wound prestressed concrete storage tanks, with more than 3,700 tanks completed to date. Since our first wire-wound prestressed concrete tank was constructed in the 1930s, we continue to be recognized as innovators in our industry. PRELOAD serves clients across the United States with offices in Kentucky, New York, Texas, and Massachusetts.

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