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Two - 0.564 MG Reclaimed Water Ground Storage Tanks - Cinco Southwest MUD No. 1 - Katy, TX

When the need for two new Reclaimed Water tanks arose in Katy, TX, the owner, Cinco Southwest MUD No 1, and their consulting engineer, AECOM, specified AWWA D110, Type III prestressed concrete tanks to provide the sustainable, reliable solution needed to complement a plant upgrade project designed around sustainability.

The Cinco Southwest MUD No. 1 services the master-planned community of Cinco Ranch located approximately 25 miles west of Houston in the greater Katy, TX area. The MUD is part of the larger Cinco Ranch MUD system that services approximately 32,000 residents and is managed by the North Fort Bend Water Authority. Given the rising cost of water, the MUD has taken a proactive step to keep water bills low by constructing the Southwest Reclaimed Water Plant. When completed, the new plant will shift the community’s dependence on potable drinking water, for irrigation purposes in their medians, to reclaimed water. While reclaimed water projects are not uncommon in the United States, this project is unique to the area. The water treated at the upgraded plant will meet Texas state standards for reusing water for landscaping and will be stored in two – 564,000-gallon Preload AWWA D110, Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks.

The process of reclaiming water and achieving sustainability go hand-in-hand as utilities work to find solutions to the water needs of the world and an ever growing population. In this light, an additional benefit of the new AWWA D110, Type III prestressed concrete reclaimed tanks is their sustainability. The new tanks are made of concrete and therefore will provide generations of virtually maintenance-free service avoiding costly and environmentally challenging recoating applications.

Preload is proud to be part of Cinco Southwest MUD No. 1’s investment into reducing the cost of water, conserving it and building sustainable infrastructure through this unique reclaimed water project. Congratulations on your newly upgraded plant and leading your system and community to a greener and more sustainable future.

Project Details:

The new 0.564MG ground storage tanks are AWWA D110, Type III with an inside diameter of 61’ – 0” and side water depth of 25’ – 0” and a cast-in-place dome. Preload installed approximately 95,200 linear feet of prestressing wire on nineteen – 25’-11” x 10’ – 3”x 4 ½” panels per tank. The panels weighed in at 7.5 tons/panel requiring a 135-ton crane for erection.

Project Contacts:

Owner: Cinco Southwest MUD No. 1

Design Engineer: AECOM – Houston, TX –

General Contractor: Bryan Construction Company – Bryan, TX

Preload District Sales Manager – Tom S. Kleppe, PE –

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