Project Overview

Amagansett, NY

Cross Highway Well Field and Pump Station

The Hamlet of Amagansett was founded in 1680; it is located on the South Fork of Long Island in the Suffolk County area more commonly known as The Hamptons. In 2018, the Suffolk County Water Authority began design of a 900,000 Gallon drinking water storage tank to be located at the existing pump station on Cross Highway. After researching available options, the project team at SCWA specified an AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete tank with two options for the roof: a column-supported flat roof and a free-spanning dome roof, both constructed of concrete. In August of 2019, Preload was selected as the general contractor for the project, and the dome roof option was selected. This Preload water storage tank, although relatively small, presented some unique challenges. The site was extremely tight with the existing pump station complicating both access and constructability. The tank is also nearly completely buried on the high side of the sloping site. With careful planning by the Construction team, Preload was able to overcome these challenges.

The Cross Highway Reservoir will serve the residents of Amagansett for many decades to come.

Water Storage
900,000 Gallons (101’-4” ID x 15’ SWD)
Suffolk County Water Authority
Amagansett, NY Water Storage Tank Preload
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