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Project Tags: Dome, Membrane Floor, Pilasters

Bella Vista, AR

Bella Vista, located in the Ozark Mountains just south of Missouri, became known as a vacation resort by the mid-1960’s. It has since transitioned into a popular retirement destination, although the community also attracts younger residents. Since 2000, the area of Bella Vista has experienced a 60 percent growth in population. In 2006, Bella Vista Village hired EGIS Engineering, Inc. to find a water storage solution to keep up with its rapidly growing population.

After researching available options, EGIS Engineering specified an AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete water storage tank as the optimal solution because of its long-term reliability and low maintenance requirements. Preload, which has designed and constructed prestressed concrete tanks since the 1930’s, was selected as the preferred tank builder.

This 2.0 MG Preload tank has a 40’ side water depth and an inside diameter of 93’. The tank’s architectural enhancements include accented pilasters and dome ring. In addition to providing communities trouble-free water storage, Preload offers a wide range of exterior tank colors and geometric alternatives to suit a community’s aesthetic needs.

Water Storage
2.0 MG (93' ID x 40' SWD)
Bella Vista Village
EGIS Engineering, Inc.
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