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Project Tags: Dome, Membrane Floor

Bow, NH

Located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, Bow is 5 miles south of the state capital of Concord. In 2010, the Town of Bow hired Wright-Pierce, Portland, ME, to address the Town’s water storage needs, After researching available water storage options, and long-term costs and benefits, Wright-Pierce specified an AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete water storage tank because of its cold climate performance and negligible maintenance requirements. Preload, with more than 80 years of experience designing and constructing prestressed concrete tanks, was selected as the preferred tank builder.

Now part of Bow’s municipal water system that went online July 1, 2012, this 1.0 MG prestressed concrete tank has an inside diameter of 92’, a side water depth of 20’, and a dome roof. The dome roof allows for excellent run-off during the rainy summers and snowy winters experienced in this region of the country. This durable design results in uniform compression throughout the dome shell, allowing relatively thin sections of concrete to span large tank diameters. This distinctive white concrete water storage tank is a community landmark that prominently displays the town’s name.

Water Storage
1,000,000 Gallons (92' ID x 20' SWD)
Town of Bow
Wrigth-Pierce, Portland, ME
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