Project Overview

Carmel, IN

Carmel is located just north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County, Indiana. Located in one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, Carmel needed more water storage to meet the community’s growing demands. The City of Carmel selected Jones & Henry Engineers, LTD, to lead a building project for a water storage tank. After researching the available alternatives, the project team selected Preload to design and build a 3.0 MG AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete tank. Built-in 1999, the tank has an inside diameter of 143’ and a side water depth of 25’.

This Preload tank is buried differentially from 6’to12’ and has a 12” thick floor designed for uplift. Restraint cables are incorporated into the interface of the floor and the wall. Preload, involved with restraint cable design since the 1950s, was the first concrete liquid storage tank manufacturer to introduce base restraint cables. Preload pioneered the concept of allowing a sliding-base concrete tank to safely resist base shears and over-turning from seismic or differential backfill, while fully maintaining the tank’s serviceability. The tank’s architectural enhancements include accented pilasters and dome ring. In addition to providing trouble-free water storage, Preload offers a wide range of exterior tank colors and geometric alternatives to suit a community’s aesthetic needs.

Water Storage
3.0 MG (143' ID x 25' SWD)
City of Carmel
Jones & Henry Engineers, LTD
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