Project Overview

Project Tags: Dome, Membrane Floor, Mixer, Stand Pipe

East Providence, RI

East Providence Water System Upgrades

In 2015, Preload’s project team successfully completed this 6.04MG AWWA D110, Type III prestressed concrete tank as a General Contractor for the East Providence Water Systems Upgrade project in East Providence, RI. Preload Engineer Daniel McCarthy worked closely with engineers at Pure Corporation to develop a floor design which incorporated the caisson supported concrete foundation of an existing steel tank. The steel tank was demolished and Preload Area Manager, Bob Barbarisi, coordinated with the General Contractor to install additional perimeter caisson to allow for an increase in tank diameter. Preload Project Engineer, Tim Halloran’s communication between Sherman Thayer regarding onsite changes for caisson extension and modifications was critical in the successful installation. Sherman Thayer was highly effective in managing tight site conditions under an accelerated schedule.

During tank commissioning, the City of East Providence determined that a THM removal system in the tank was needed. The City negotiated with Preload to provide turnkey solution for mixing and THM removal. With design support from the City’s consultant, Preload was contracted to procure the PAX mixing and aeration system, design the tank retrofit, install and commission the system. Once online, the new THM removal system significantly improved water quality for the residence of East Providence.

Water Storage
6,000,400 gallons (112'-0" ID x 82' SWD)
City of East Providence
Pare Corporation
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