Project Overview

Hagerstown, MD

Located in Washington County in Western Maryland, Hagerstown sits at the crossroads of Interstates 70 and 81. Known as the “Hub City,” Hagerstown serves as the gateway to the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas as well as the “hub” of government and commerce for the tri-state area. To address its growing water storage needs, the City of Hagerstown hired consulting engineers Hazen and Sawyer, Baltimore. The project team specified two AWWA Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks due to their long-term durability and negligible maintenance requirements. Preload was chosen as the preferred tank builder to design and construct two water storage tanks, one built in 2007 and the other built in 2009.
Each tank holds up to 6.42 MG of water, with an inside diameter of 171’10” and a side water depth of 37’. The first tank was built with a 4’ membrane floor slab. The second tank, constructed on a nearby site, has a floor designed to span potential voids in the karst bedrock foundation. Both tanks have dome roofs and caged exterior ladders.

2007 and 2009
Water Storage
(2) 6,420,000 Gallons (171' ID x 37' SWD)
City of Hagerstown
Hazen and Sawyer, Baltimore
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