Project Overview

Homewood, IL

A suburb of Chicago, Homewood needed additional water storage to support future population growth and economic development in the area. In 1982, the Village of Homewood hired consulting engineers Baxter & Woodman, Chicago, to address these needs. After researching available alternatives, the project team determined that an AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete water storage tank would be the optimal solution because of its inherent long life span, durability, and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Preload was selected as the preferred firm to design and build a 3.0 MG prestressed concrete tank. The low-profile tank has a side water depth of 19’ and includes a durable column-supported flat-slab roof. The tank’s facade features a special architectural earth-toned parapet. Blending well with its surroundings, this Preload tank has provided the Village of Homewood more than three decades of reliable service with negligible maintenance.

Water Storage
3.0 MG (170' ID x 19' SWD)
Village of Homewood
Baxter & Woodman, Chicago
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