Project Overview

Project Tags: Arches, Dome, Membrane Floor

Levittown, PA

Levittown is a large suburb located in the Philadelphia Metro area in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Facing an increased need for water supply, Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority selected Unitech Engineers, Inc., Langhorne, PA, to determine a water supply solution. Unitech specified an AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed water storage tank as the optimal solution because of its inherent long life span, durability, and negligible need for maintenance. The project team selected Preload as the preferred tank builder.

In 2000, Preload constructed a 3.0 MG prestressed concrete tank with an inside diameter of 110’ and a side water depth of 43’. Its exterior features an arched pilaster architectural treatment. In addition to providing communities trouble-free water storage, Preload offers a wide range of exterior tank colors and geometric alternatives to suit a community’s aesthetic needs.

Water Storage
3.0 MG (110' ID x 43' SWD)
Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority
Unitech Engineers, Inc., Langhorne, PA
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