Project Overview

Lubbock, TX

Pump Station No. 16 and Storage Tank

In 2016, Preload’s project team completed this 8.0MG buried Clearwell for the City of Lubbock, TX. Preload Engineer, Dan McCarthy’s design involved construction of this tank from the inside out by placing the crane and casting beds on the slab. In this manner, Preload was able to construct the tank inside an excavation minimizing the area required for tank construction. The large excavation by the general contractor, UCI, required Tim Halloran and Kristin Johnson’s detailed analysis to manage construction staging materials and sequencing. Mike Early’s efforts to coordinate the delivery of construction material and Preload staff in a deep excavation was critical in completion of a successful project for all involved. Preload cast the entire 222’ diameter concrete floor in a single placement of over 1,000 cyd. The tank was nominated and won the annual 2017 Concrete Decision Award by popular vote.

Water Storage
8,000,000 Gallons (180'-0" ID x 42'-0" SWD)
City of Lubbock, TX
Freese & Nichols
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