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Project Tags: Dome, Membrane Floor

New London, CT

Located in a 6-square-mile area along the Long Island Sound, New London has a population of slightly more than 25,000. In 2003, the City of New London hired consulting engineer AECOM (formerly Earth Tech, Inc., Glastonbury, CT) to address its water storage needs. After researching available options, the consulting engineers specified an AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete water storage tank because of its proven cold climate performance and low maintenance requirements. Preload, a recognized innovator in the concrete tank industry, was selected as the preferred tank builder.

Relatively tall for a prestressed tank, this 3.27 MG Preload water storage tank has a side water depth of 58’ and an inside diameter of 98’. The dome roof allows for excellent run-off during the rainy summers and snowy winters experienced in this region of the country. This durable dome design results in uniform compression throughout the dome shell, allowing relatively thin sections of concrete to span large tank diameters.

Water Storage
3.27 MG (98' ID x 58' SWD)
City of New London
AECOM (formerly Earth Tech, Glastonbury, CT)
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