Project Overview

Oneida, NY

The City of Oneida, working with consulting engineer C.T. Male Associates, D.P.C., Latham, NY, determined that adding two “twin” prestressed concrete tanks was the best solution for the needed water storage at the location of the City’s existing open reservoirs. The project was required to replace the open storage of finished water under the EPA Long Term 2 Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2 Rule). After researching available alternatives for this project, the consulting engineer and City specified two 7.5 MG AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks because of their low cost of ownership and long-term durability. Preload, a recognized innovator in the concrete storage tank industry, was selected as the preferred tank builder. Built in 2000, both Preload storage tanks feature dome roofs and each holds 7.5 MG of water. Each tank has a 226’ inside diameter and a 25’ side water depth.

Water Storage
7.5 MG (226' ID x 25' SWD)
City of Oneida
C.T. Male Associates, D.P.C., Latham, NY
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