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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio has long been one of the top 10 populous cities in the United States. With San Antonio’s population growth continuing, the San Antonio Water Systems (formerly Bexar Metropolitan Water District) determined that the area’s water supply must also grow to be able to support future needs. Taylor & Mullins, Inc., San Antonio, was hired to lead the project to build a water storage tank. After considering various alternatives, the project team specified an AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete tank because of its long-term durability, low maintenance cost, and aesthetically pleasing appearance, when compared with other types of tank structures. Preload, with more than 80 years of experience designing and constructing prestressed concrete tanks, was selected as the preferred tank builder.

Built in 1998, this massive Preload prestressed concrete tank has a capacity of 12.5 MG, a 50’ side water depth, and a 206’3” inside diameter. It features a brick pilaster architectural treatment creating “columns” along the tank’s exterior. Preload offers a wide range of colors and geometric alternatives, as well as exterior treatments, to suit a community’s aesthetic needs.

Water Storage
12.5 MG (206' ID x 50' SWD)
San Antonio Water Systems (formerly Bexar Metropolitan Water District)
Taylor & Mullins, Inc., San Antonio
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