Project Overview

Project Tags: Arches, Dome, Membrane Floor

Wilmington, DE

Located in New Castle County, Delaware, the City of Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware and arguably the corporate and banking capital of the United States. In 2019, SUEZ Water Delaware was tasked with the emergency Design and Construction of a new 3 million gallon (MG) finished water reservoir at the site of the existing 20 MG Edgemoor Reservoir that was removed from service in 2018. Since the removal from service of the Edgemoor Reservoir, SUEZ Delaware was been operating with a storage deficiency. Following a network-wide assessment of supply capabilities during maximum day and emergency scenarios, SUEZ determined that a 3 MG tank at Edgemoor Reservoir would significantly improve their ability to self-sufficiently meet customer demand under all operating conditions. SUEZ immediately sought contract construction services for the project.

After researching available options, the project team consisting of Suez and Duffield Associates selected an AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete tank with architectural treatment consisting of pilasters and arches constructed of shotcrete. In June of 2019, Preload was selected as the general contractor for the project. This Preload water storage tank was constructed essentially at grade, owing to the board flat contours of the site.

The 3 MG Edgemoor Reservoir will serve SUEZ Water Delaware’s Wilmington area customers for many decades to come.

Water Storage
3.0 MG (110' ID x 42'-3" SWD)
SUEZ Water Delaware
Duffield Associates, Inc., Wilmington, DE
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