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Leading the Industry for 90 Years and Counting

PRELOAD LLC, the global leader in the prestressed concrete tank design and construction industry, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. Preload finds success worldwide by promoting innovative ideas and leading with excellent quality. This year we celebrate the beginning of that road to success which started in the 1930’s.

In the 1930’s innovative Preload engineers applied the emergent technology of prestressing concrete to tank design and construction. Prestressing places the tank walls into permanent compression and this compression creates the most durable, efficient liquid holding structures. However, ideas do not build tanks, and designs do not deliver life-sustaining water to millions. PEOPLE construct tanks. Therefore, Preload’s greatest asset will always be PEOPLE. This year we celebrate our 90th anniversary. So let us recall several record breaking projects to share some of our history.

Washburn Park Water Tower

Preload’s prestressed concrete tank journey began with the Washburn Park Water Tower’s construction in 1932. The Washburn Water Tower’s dome soars 110 feet into the air. Eight sculpted eagles mount the top of the dome, overlooking the neighborhoods below. The eight knights attached to the tower’s base are the “Guardians of Health.” Each knight ensures the water’s cleanliness. Even more, the Washburn Water Tower showed that constructing efficient prestressed concrete tanks was possible.

Fullerton Finished Water Reservoirs

In 2020, we still lead the industry with record-breaking builds. We made history again with the recent completion of the Fullerton Finished Water Reservoirs in Baltimore, Maryland. The project includes three 22,000,000 gallons water reservoirs. This $75,000,000+ project set a new bar in the prestressed tank industry. Construction of these tanks was also the completion of a vision laid out in the early 1950’s by Baltimore County’s long-term master plan which included constructing the Fullerton Finished Water Reservoirs.

Additionally, Preload and our partner subcontractors executed all aspects of this massive project. Project execution included excavating over 1,000,000 yd3 of soil, installing large diameter piping, interconnections, vault structures, sodium-hypochlorite disinfection facility, electrical, instrumentation & various other project aspects. The reservoirs will provide a secure, reliable treated water supply to Baltimore County residents and the City of Baltimore for the foreseeable future.


PRELOAD is the global pioneer of wire-wound prestressed concrete storage tanks, with more than 3,700 tanks completed to date. The industry recognizes PRELOAD as innovators for constructing the first wire-wound prestressed concrete tank in the 1930s. As a result, PRELOAD serves clients across the United States with offices in Kentucky, New York, Texas, and Massachusetts.

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