Project Overview

Hays County, TX

Hays County, Texas, part of the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan statistical area, has continued to grow significantly each year since the 1960’s. As the water and wastewater utility providers for the Belterra Development in northern Hays County, Hays County WCID No. 1, Hays County WCID No. 2 and their engineering firm, CMA Engineering, Inc., integrated a reclaimed water storage tank in the wastewater treatment and disposal facilities that serve the community. Type 1 reclaimed water from the wastewater treatment plant is used for the irrigation of open space and other areas within the development. In addition, a variety of commercial and institutional customers also use reclaimed water for irrigation. After researching available options, the project team specified an AWWA D110 Type III prestressed concrete storage tank due to its long-term durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Preload, with more than 80 years of experience designing and constructing prestressed concrete tanks, was selected as the preferred tank builder.

In 2009, Preload designed and built an open-top 5.25 MG AWWA D110 Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete storage tank with a side water depth of 27.5’ and an inside diameter of 180’. This tank, like all Preload tanks, will provide Hays County WCID No. 1 a long life span of reliability. In addition, Preload tanks virtually eliminate the expense of maintenance and downtime; prestressed concrete tanks do not require routine maintenance and repainting.

Wastewater Treatment
5,250,000 Gallons (180' ID x 27.5' SWD)
Hays WCID No. 1
CMA Engineering, Austin, TX
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