Project Overview

Montgomery County, OH

Recognizing the need for an equalization basin to regulate the flow rate to its wastewater treatment system during heavy weather events, the Montgomery County Sanitation District hired consulting engineer Black & Veatch of Cincinnati to find an optimal solution. After researching available options, Black & Veatch specified an AWWA Type III wire-wound prestressed concrete tank due to its long-term durability and negligible maintenance requirements. Preload, a recognized industry leader, was selected as the preferred tank builder.
Built in 1998, this Preload equalization basin has a capacity of 2.8 MG, a 155’ inside diameter, and an 18’7” side water depth. The tank’s dome features a suspended aluminum walkway bridge and a central platform for tank wash-down. A dormer on the dome provides access through the dome, connecting to a wall-supported aluminum stairway to the ground. Multiple dome penetrations include skylights, ventilation fans, ducts, and hatches.
The tank’s exterior is enhanced with a brick pilaster architectural treatment creating “columns” along the tank’s wall.

Wastewater Treatment
2.8 MG (155' ID x 18' SWD)
Montgomery County Sanitation District
Black & Veatch, Cincinnati
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