Project Overview

Wyoming, MI

Wyoming, Michigan now boasts the third-largest industrial tax base in Western Michigan. Almost 20 years ago, the City of Wyoming recognized the need for a biosolids storage solution to control odor and allow for expansion to serve its growing population. In 1998, the City of Wyoming hired the engineering firm Black & Veatch, Detroit, MI, as the project consultant to design and construct a biosolids storage tank. After researching available options, the project team specified an AWWA Type III, wire-wound, prestressed concrete tank for its long-term durability and negligible cost of maintenance. Preload was selected as the preferred tank builder to design and construct an open-top biosolids storage tank.
This Preload prestressed concrete biosolids storage tank has a capacity of 2.2 MG, with a 120’ inside diameter and a 26’ side water depth. The tank features an integral pump house with extensive tank wall pipe penetrations, aluminum stairwells, platforms, and catwalk bridges. The tank is buried below the maximum groundwater elevation and features pressure relief valves in the floor for resisting hydrostatic uplift when the tank is empty. It has a truss-supported, aluminum flat panel cover for odor containment. Although this tank treats municipal sewage sludge, this type of tank often is used in the agriculture industry.

Wastewater Treatment
2.2 MG (120' ID x 26' SWD)
City of Wyoming, MI
Black & Veatch, Detroit, MI
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